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The 10 most important things/events of the 20th century.


Atomic energy harvested

US Secret/military Government

Assassination of JFK

Fall of Communism

Medical Technology polio vaccination, penicillin

Agriculture -- green revolution

War -- Esp. WW I and WW II





Critical Industries that have influenced the 20th century


The US military-industrial complex. While actually many different industries, this complex has been one of the most formative industries of the 20th century. The majority of government R&D since WWII has been spent on this area, in fact a sizable portion of the entire US budget goes to this conglomeration of businesses. Because of its size and the large amount of research dedicated to it many significant technological developments have come from this area.


10 most influential men of the 20th century


Albert Einstein

Sigmund Freud

Stephen Hawking

J.P. Morgan

Henry Ford

Sam Walton

Bill Gates

Adolph Hitler

Joseph Stalin

Mao Tse-Tung

JF Kennedy

Eleanor Roosevelt

Mohandas Gandhi

Martin Luther King

Winston Churchill


5-10 greatest CEOs in America


The brief span of the last 100 years saw dizzying innovation and creation, from the automobile to the laser to the globalization of information, culture and commerce. J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Frank Lloyd Wright and Bill Gates would likely be top candidates as the century's most influential creators and CEOs.


10 greatest things that make a great leader or CEO


1)       Vision / Desire

2)       Courage

3)       Commitment / Tenacity

4)       Emotional and physical stamina

5)       Proactivity

6)       Competitiveness and Self-confidence

7)       Anticipation and good timing

8)       Empathy

9)       Dependability and Loyalty

10)   Responsibility and credibility


Key industries that will shape the 21st Century



Computer technology


Education -- especially continuing education


10 things I do best in business and why (3 things I like to do best and 3 I dislike to do)


1)       Developing strategic visions for self and organizations

2)       Thinking and intervening strategically and systematically to shape the future

3)       Assessing strengths and weaknesses

4)       Making decisions & solving problems

5)       Working cooperatively in teams and groups

6)       Planning time and energy

7)       Carrying out agreed responsibilities

8)       Negotiating

9)       Resolving conflict

10)   Communicating both verbally and non-verbally



Firing people

Waiting without good reason

Tolerating ignorance


10 greatest books and movies (3 of each that influenced me most and why)



Bob Roberts


Shindler's list

The Meaning of Life

The Civil War (Documentary)

Roger and Me (Documentary)



Toa Te Ching

The Teaching of Don Juan -- Carlos Castaneda

Ecotopia -- Ernest Callenbach

The Fifth Sacred Thing -- Starhawk

The Celestine Vision -- James Redfield

The Diversity of Life -- EO Wilson


How do I see the future (esp. next 100 years) and why


I see many trends in our current development as converging and coalescing into a time of great transition. See paper on exponential growth.  


For more than a century, a continuous process of globalization and internationalization has been under way. During this time, people have transferred their primary loyalties from their town or city to their region or state, and finally, to their nation. In the next decades, the final step to the development of a new planetary culture, the transfer of primary loyalties from nation to planet, will begin.




The Cowboy Culture

The Spaceship Culture







Humanity against nature

Humanity part of nature

Unsustainable production & consumption

Sustainable production & consumption


Gender Equality

Intercultural & interreligious intolerance

Intercultural & interreligious tolerance

Conflict resolution thru confrontation

Conflict resolution thru negotiation

 Reliance on Security

Reliance on Defense





Private interests


Learning is probably my greatest interest. From academia to the streets from my books to my inner self, I always try to find opportunities to learn, experience, synthesize and reevaluate.


Reading is one of my greatest passions. I read widely and prolifically, lately mostly about spirituality and history.


I greatly enjoy conversation. Whether it's with an old chum or a new acquaintance I can spend many hours lost in the labyrinths of language. 


I enjoy many different types of exercise. Long walks, running, and biking are some of my favorites. I also perform strengthening exercises several times a week. Stretching and yoga relax my body, ease my pain, and add to my life greatly.


I participate in a variety of games and sports. My favorites are chess, cribbage and ultimate Frisbee.


What Is Success?


Success is making good use of ones life. Now, what constitutes good use of ones life? People have varied opinions about this, usually arising from their conditioning. Regardless of opinions, life is a mystery. The mystery is always unique relative to personal circumstance. The attempt to generalize "success" is nothing less then suicidal to individual flowering in freedom. Freedom to enquire, express and evolve is the first ingredient of success. The measure of success must be seen as an individual's unique and personal growth through life and relationship. The value of material or social advantages must be considered relative. The value of internal accomplishments in terms of self-knowledge, awareness, and actualization are perennial and more to the point.


What is money?


Money is many different things to different people. For me money is primarily a tool to get what I need and want.

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